With our state of the art machinery, systematized facility, emphasis on quality and convenient location, Windsor Labs is your ideal partner of choice for contract manufacturing of vitamins, dietary supplements and other nutraceutical products. Our private label services include blending, encapsulation & compression, and bottle packaging of finished products. Together, we possess a combined experience of more than 60 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing and we apply this expertise in our operations in order to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers. Our ability to handle tough products will flow right to the bottom line with your products; because efficient, innovative manufacturing guarantees improved yields and higher profits. Most importantly, all our products are proudly “Manufactured in the USA.”

  • Blending Capacity

    Windsor Labs’ Double-Cone and “V” Blenders can accommodate a range of batch sizes from small pilot-sized batches to large commercial-sized lots. Our 60 ft³ “V” Blender can effectively blend complex mixtures up to 1000 Kilograms. This capability enables us to blend large batches of uniformly blended materials within a short span of time.

    30 ft³ Double-Cone Blender & 60 ft³ “V” Blender

  • Encapsulation Technology

    At Windsor labs, we are capable of encapsulating small pilot-quantities to large, commercial-sized batches at speeds up to 2500 capsules per minute. We currently have a Plant Capacity of 478,500 capsules per hour. Our advanced equipment can fill Gelatin or HPMC capsules with powder and/or beads and liquids in sizes 4 through 000 (including 0E and 00E). We are specialists in difficult to encapsulate products; sticky products, abrasive products, fluffy powders, and products with flowing problems. These definitely do not upset us!

    • Sejong SF-40 Encapsulator - Capable of encapsulating small pilot-quantities to medium-sized batches at speeds up to 575 capsules per minute.

    • Bosch GKF 2500 Encapsulator - Encapsulates medium-sized to large batches at speeds up to 2500 capsules per minute.

    • IIM-2100 Encapsulator - Painlessly encapsulates medium-sized to large batches at speeds up to 2100 capsules per minute. This unique and robust American-made machine is currently the fastest encapsulator produced in the Western Hemisphere.

    • Bosch GKF-800 Encapsulator - Our exclusive Bosch GKF-800 can encapsulate Liquids, Powders, and Beads in any combination at speeds up to 800 capsules per minute.

  • Tablet Compression Capabilities

    Windsor Labs offers high-speed compression of round or shaped tablets using Size “B” and “D” tooling at speeds up to 4,500 tablets per minute. We currently have a Plant Capacity of 900,000 tablets per hour. Our Kikusui Libra 2 tablet machines are strong, microprocessor-controlled presses with 8-tons pre-compression and 8-tons main-compression.We possess the tableting technology to successfully compress the most difficult products thus enabling us to make different types of tablets such as chewables.

    Kikusui Libra 2 Tablet Machine – Windsor Labs’ Kikusui machines are strong, microprocessor-controlled presses with 8-tons pre-compression and 8-tons main-compression.

  • In-Process Quality Testing

    At Windsor Labs, we are focused on ensuring that Quality is Built In to everything we make. We perform routine periodic testing of capsule weights, as well as thickness and hardness for tablets using fully automated testing systems.

    Kraemer 3SC Tablet/Capsule Testing Systems

  • Modern Packaging Lines

    At Windsor Labs, our packaging lines can accurately fill and label most commonly used bottle sizes at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute. We can add cotton, desiccants, bottom coding, display cartons, etc. A wide range of bottle sizes in HDPE or PET and different lid types (child-resistant, screw cap, flip-top, etc.) are available. We possess the capabilities to package your product the way you want it.

    Packaging Line 1

  • Labeling reviews and guidance

    Using our knowledge of the regulations for labeling of nutraceutical products, we will guide you through every step of your label development process to accomplish a finished product that is appreciated by your customers. This includes guidance on drafting Supplement/Nutrition Facts Panels, Claim reviews, Directions, etc.

  • Research & Development

    Using our experience in formulating and developing different types of dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and powders, we offer product development capabilities with GMP pilot scale manufacturing, analytical development and testing services.
    The Windsor Labs Operations team utilizes its scientific knowledge and experience of pharmaceutical processing in order to formulate complex active dietary ingredients into a product that both you and your customers will be satisfied with. We can work with many different ingredients, colors and flavors.
    Our pilot scale facilities can be used as part of a stand-alone development activity, or as the beginning step to a fully-integrated supply project.
    We have extensive testing capabilities; including High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis, Dissolution testing, Hardness testing, Stability testing and Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy testing (FTIRS).

    • Erweka Dissolution Apparatus

    • PerkinElmer HPLC